The virtual creation laboratory #Inthenottoodistantfuture was a space for creation, production and collective reflection based on the confinement situation and the Covid-19 pandemic. An online meeting space was proposed with a transdisciplinary group of participants, guests and mentors. A series of meetings, talks, exercises and actions were held collectively, reflecting on technological tools and possible technologies for the future.

It was based on three research themes: the biological (ecological), the body (society) and big data (postmedia). These were the trigger to imagine fictitious futures and design objects, systems and infrastructures, which raised proposals around questions such as: What changes are being generated or could be generated after the confinement and the pandemic? What tools do we have on hand? What can we identify as an opportunity for intervention? What can we contribute, establish or communicate in the future?

The implementation of these futures was done through the development of collective technological proposals, using methodologies that come from the DIY culture (do it yourself), the hacker and maker movement, from garage science, the DIYbio (biology do it yourself). ), gadgets, free software and hardware, and above all recursion.

Laboratory directed by Hamilton Mestizo

Mentors: Luca Carrubba y Gabriela Munguía.

Support in audiovisual coordination and production: Edgar Alan Rodríguez.

Laboratory developed by Plataforma Bogotá - Idartes Line of Art, Science and Technology Laboratory - from July 04 to September 18, 2020. 

Manual de instrucciones (PDF)