It is a series of paintings and sculptures that integrate different types of electronic screens, microcontrollers, sensors, circuits, cables and mechanisms. They start from a reflection on the appearance and use of this type of technology in the 21st century where screens have a leading and almost permanent presence in our daily lives. The use of screens in the 21st century has transformed social and cultural behavior, equating our lives with more and more force.

In these works, the screens play games, graphics, and images that play with perception, surprise, and randomness through the use of simple algorithms, altered games, or hacked programs, errors, or copied from the Internet. 



Obsoletos 2021

2019-2021. Galeria 12:00. Bogotá


It compiles works from 2019 to 2021. The set has in common the use of iconic mobile screens from the beginning of the 21st century, such as the nokia 5110 and the like. It takes up the technology of that time as icons of the obsolete and dysfunctional, a piece of history that should be remembered. He uncovers “the black box” of these objects and they are interpreted aesthetically, for contemplation.

In its time, it was state-of-the-art technology, but planned obsolescence quickly leaves this type of technology outdated and out of the market: being a brief seat in the industry. An irresponsible consumption of natural resources that quickly ends up as electronic waste.




Snake Unintelligent Agent

Parte de la exhibición «Homo Ludens» videojuegos para entender el presente. Caixa Forum. Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia. 2021/2023


This series uses a screen from the Nokia 5110 model, a quite popular phone at the time, launched in 1998, and included, as part of its software, a game called Snake that was remembered by an entire generation. In the painting, the snake has its own behavior that is due to the fact that it simply does not make any type of “intelligent” decision. The snake in this game has no direction, but wanders around the screen and from time to time coincides with the task of the game, being able to win, accumulate points, or lose, which leads to starting the game, but now with initial conditions different. Each one generates different sounds of the game, which are integrated with the set, all 5 playing at the same time.