Water trips

The trip began with a proposal called water trips from interactivos?’17, the annual program of the Medialab-Prado Madrid. For a few weeks I joined to this project, with a team consisting of: Beatriz Page, Raul Hidalgo, Katarina Martín, Paola Roots, Virginia Diez, Mario, Pedro Cortés. The trip was long and complex, between maps, cables, sensors, routes and reflections, the project was molded from different perspectives: art, science, technology, history and culture.

The water trips was the form as it was called to the ways that towards the subterranean water of the city of Madrid, with the canalization and the modernization of the city these routes and places of water were losing. The ancestors enjoyed the passage of water, they gathered beside rivers or deposits, and there they celebrated the social rites of integration and meeting. The project sought to rescue this essence of the water trip, creating a device called «capirote» to rescue these routes and look for water in the city. At the capirote, in addition to having the maps of the places, a portable laboratory was integrated for analysis of water and the environment. «Water quality is an important factor to exist, public health and the quality of cities and ecosystems depend on it, thinking about biodiversity as an important part of the city, highlighting its existence or absence and analyzing its quality should be a reason for social ritual of utmost importance and an excuse to learn about water and nature and celebrate its existence «.